Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hazel Flight Bow Flexing

I cobbled together a wooden riser and bound the limbs on with rubber strapping. It worked surprisingly well once I added a few extra layers of strapping.
The 35# draw at about 20~ shows how the left limb has uncoiled nicely, the right can flex a bit more. The inner limbs can move some more. I might take it to 26" rather than 28", I'll see how it looks.
I can maybe build a decent riser now and try to work out how I'll actually glue on the limbs securely. I may well improve the dovetail idea I've used on the temporary one.
The temporary riser has at least allowed me to have a quick look and to adjust the geometry if I want. I may make the next one a tad longer to give more hand room.

I'm not going for extreme recurve or anything too drastic, so the bow limbs will still have a conventional curve at full draw, just somewhat flatter looking and straight tipped than my usual arc of a circle.
Now it's flexing I'll probably get it mounted in a decent riser befor narrowing the limbs... it would be a mistake to narrow them now and then find the alignment wasn't quite right when glued up.

The tillering string with my aluminium adjuster finally turned up! I'd lost it when a bow exploded. It had been thrown right across the garage, it turned up behind the bandsaw.
I was giving the bandsaw a good clean and tune up... Ok, I admit it, I jammed the blade when ripping through some of that Yew so it needed some readjustment.

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