Friday, 30 January 2015


I've got too much going on, but then I'd rather be busy than bored.
That line in Kipling
" If you can fill the unforgiving minute, With sixty seconds' worth of distance run..."
Has always resonated with me.

Anyhow, during the week I got a call from a local tree surgeon who had cut some Yew. I went to his yard and got some nice stuff, there's probably a warbow, a smallish longbow and I split a lovely pair of billets from a 4' log.
Splitting sawing and cleaning up logs makes a mess. A couple of other bits of Yew were put to one side for me to collect later, I'll take him some of my cider as a thank you.

I've been messing about with the Hazel bow limbs too and trying to make a riser section that I can mount them on for testing. I'm using a chunk of old hornbeam, but it's tough as nails and makes the bandsaw wander. I'm torn between trying to make something quick so I can try it out, making something decent or making something adjustable... got me in dither mode.
When I started laying the limbs on the garage floor up alongside the original 35# Hazel bow I'm basing it on, I realised that it's lower limb is about 3" longer than the upper! Dunno how that happened... well I can guess, as it was originally made outdoors in my Woodland Workshop . Doesn't matter as it's a really sweet shooting bow. Maybe it's an illustration of how discoveries are made as often by accident as by design.

We can also factor into the mayhem my having a minor shunt in the car... the usual... car in front of me pulls away onto roundabout. I'm still rolling, glance right, to check I'm still ok to pull onto the roundabout BOOMPH... the one in front had stopped sharply... Because the one in front had stopped sharply... because... who knows? Anyhow, it was very low speed, just a minor inconvenience/irritation.

I've got other stuff clamouring in my head too.
I'd said I would make a sculpture for an art exhibition in the Spring with a theme of Jazz. All sorts of ideas come to mind made of offcuts of wood , polycarbonate sheet and brass. I keep getting E-mails saying they are having meetings??!!! Why do you need a meeting?.. I like to work in my head and on my own.. as someone once said "meetings are no substitute for work". Most of 'em are 'staying awake contests'. I'll probably suddenly get up and do it when all alternative activities are less attractive... like decorating or sorting through my finance... (groan)
Hey ho I'm ranting and rambling now. This is just a ploy to procrastinate as there's a sprinkling of snow outside and it will be freezing in the garage!

The blog has got over a quarter of a million hits now which is quite impressive, except people have no idea how big a million is in this modern world of mega this that and the other.
Humour me with a test of your understanding and feel for numbers. Just answer on you gut feel, then work it out and see if you are right.
Roughly how long is a million hours?
100 days? 100 weeks? 100 months? 100 years? 100 decades?

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