Thursday, 9 October 2014

Yew Backed Yew Finished

I got the grip done on the Yew backed Yew today so it will be ready for Saturday.
The limbs have a gentle recurve but it's not apparent at brace or full draw.
Regarding some rules 'defining' a longbow this should comply as each limb is a continuous curve and the whole bow is a single continuous curve at full draw.
I feel this bow is pretty unambiguously a longbow. Mind someone could claim it's deflex reflex. I would argue there is no deflex curve, the limbs are just spliced at a slight straight set towards the archer and the direction of curve is always away from the archer. Overall the tips line up pretty much with the grip, so there is no overall reflex. There is about the same curve on the limbs than on the right hand one in the top pic of the last post which is a self Yew bow.

All this again shows the difficulty of interpretation. However it won't be shot BLBS anyway, it's for an NFAS member, and as such I made sure the belly is D section. Mind, even that is open to interpretation! I heard on Primitive Archer that one of the most renowned bowyers Marc St Louis once had a flight bow disqualified as the belly was "too flat", I feel he must have showed commendable restraint not to deck someone, having spent a load of time making the bow.

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