Monday, 3 February 2014

Arrow Plate

I've done a Mother of Pearl arrow plate, I've made it long and slim, as I've noticed on heavy bows the wear marks can be rather spread about. I've kept it fairly narrow, hopefully in proportion with the bow.
The bow just needs a couple of wipes with Danish oil every day for a few days, then signing with my initials or bowyer's mark and draw weight/length/date. Then a final coat of beeswax polish and she's good to go.
Some people add brace height, string length etc which gets a bit cluttered with so much writing. Sometimes I'll leave a bow with no markings at all if requested.
This one is so nice I want my mark on it somewhere!

I really need to make myself a full draw bow, probably about 85-90 would suit me, I just can't keep the fitness levels up to shoot anything much heavier, and I was a bit disappointed to be unable to shoot this one.
I'm ok getting in training for a few weeks, then I forget and the fitness drops back to my normal level. I expect we all prabably suffer from the same trouble.

The pic is quite good, I had to fiddle around for a bit, and in the end used the flash. I've posted it V large, so it's roughly full size an the average computer screen.
You can just see a nice line of tiny pin knots at the top of the pic and a bit of a bulge below the arrow pass. I had to round that off a bit so it didn't make the grip uncomfortable.It's tricky to photograh shiny things without a decent lighting set up.

Just for future reference the bow string is an endless loop type, 12 strands of Astroflite 80.5" long.


  1. cracking result, well done derek. rgds Adrian