Thursday, 30 January 2014

Derybshire Yew Nearly Done

I've got the horn nocks done and the bow cleaned up some more. It's been back on the tiller 100# at 31"
Whilst giving it a good going over and blending the ends of the bow into the nocks I noticed a pin knot was in a very slight depression, I picked at it with a ground down needle file and it just lifted out. It's only about 2.5mm in diameter, but I though better to plug it than leave a weak point and an area that might pinch. Probably unnecessary, but better safe than sorry.
The bow has had a wipe of Danish Oil, but that's all been sanded off as I repeatedly go over it to remove tool marks.
These few pics aren't very good as they are taken under artificial light but the shot of the bow on the bench gives a feel for the nice undulations and a peek at the bottom nock. It also shows how I support a bow while working on it... nice off cuts of woolen carpet protect the bow.
I've got to make a string for it, then see if I can shoot it.

There's very little set, and being so long (85" tip to tip!) it should hopefully feel smooth.

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