Friday, 7 June 2013

Repair Job

I got an E-mail a while back from a guy I'd sold a bow to back in 2012. He'd had the bow in hibernation over winter and on it's first outing two cracks on the back at a knot were spotted by another archer.
He sent me pics and it looked like a relatively simple repair... just as well it was spotted before it failed tho'.
I can't be bothered with a long description. I'll let the pics do the talking.
The only real point of note is trying to find an off cut of Yew with matching grain.
First pic shows the shape of the rasped out section.
Second pic shows  a couple of potential offcuts with matching undulations in the grain (I used the bit on the left) and the patch rough cut to fit.
Final pic shows the patch taped down in position as a try out prior to glueing and binding with rubber strapping.

I'll get the strapping off tomorrow morning. It can then be shaped in and tested. I'll shoot it in for about 50 arrows and then ship it back to it's owner.

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